Top + Free Jekyll Themes for Github Page

Top + Free Jekyll Themes for Github Page

Here are the top best Jekyll Themes for use on Github Page. There are special two themes that have a significant look just like There is some special Jekyll themes that build for the affiliate website and there are so many nice landing page templates that can apply your business website, some of the designs available for a portfolio site.

Mundana – Jekyll Theme (similar to Medium’s cover)

If you are looking for a template that has a cover look like Mundana is a great fit for you. Mundana is not only a Jekyll theme but it is also available for WordPress website, Ghost sites.

Mundana – Jekyll Theme

Mediumish – Jekyll Theme for Blogging Sites

This theme designed for blogging purpose and especially the author of this theme offers it for Free. This theme designed by Wowthemes. Mediumish is available for Jekyll, Ghost, WordPress sites

Pintereso – Jekyll Theme Resources Curation, Portfolios

This Jekyll Theme is available for Portfolio websites.


Affiliates – Jekyll Theme for Blogging

This Jekyll theme designed for affiliate marketers to apply to the Github page.

Affiliates – Jekyll Theme

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